The Service Provider Dashboard

The Service Provider dashboard provides information pertaining to a specific Service Provider. You can access the Service Provider dashboard for a Service Provider as follows:

  1. Select Portfolio Data from the main menu and then Service Providers from the sub-menu
  2. On the Service Provider List, use the Search feature to find the Service Provider in question
  3. Click on the View button for the Service Provider to open the dashboard (see example below)

From the Service Provider dashboard, you can:

  • View / change summary information about the Service Provider. Remember to click Save after you have changed anything on this panel.
  • View contact information for the Service Provider from the Contacts Panel
  • View Ticket information of tickets allocated to the Service Provider from the Tickets panel
  • Options - Archive a Service Provider

Contacts Panel

From the Contacts Panel, you can:

  • View Contacts associated with the Service Provider. Note that the Primary Contact is identified with a white tick mark in a small black circle.
  • Show Archived - use this toggle to also show archived Contacts for the Service Provider
  • Select Contact icon - click on this icon to select an existing or create a new Service Provider Contact.
  • Vertical Dots icon - Drop Down menu on a specific Contact
    • View Contact Details for the Contact
    • Make Primary - to make this contact the Primary Contact
    • Send Email - to send an Email to this Contact
    • Send SMS - to send an SMS to this Contact
    • Archive contact - to archive this Contact for this list

Tickets Panel

From the Tickets Panel, you can:

  • View summary information of all Tickets that have been allocated to the Service Provider
  • View - click to navigate to the Ticket Dashboard for a specific Ticket.
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