The Service Provider List

Contractors that you would typically task to attend to maintenance problems, are called Service Providers in RedRabbit. Service Providers are tasked to attend to maintenance problems via a Job Card that contains the details of what needs to be done as well as the location and contact details of the property and tenant where the task needs to be performed.

The complete list of service providers are shown on the Service Provider List. You can view the Service Provider List by selecting Portfolio Data from the main menu and then Service Providers from the sub-menu. See example below.

From the Service Provider List, you can:

  • Search - use the filter field to search for a specific Service Provider
  • New Service Provider - click this button to load a new Service Provider onto the system
  • View - Navigate to the Service Provider dashboard for a specific Service Provider
  • Options - access advanced options from this drop down menu
    • View Archived - use this feature to display a list of all archived Service Providers
    • Import Service Providers - use this feature to import Service Providers from a CSV File
    • Export Service Providers - use this feature to export Service Providers to a CSV File

How to load a new Service Provider

  1. Click the New Service Provider button on the Service Provider List
  2. Complete the information on the Service Provider form (see example below)
  3. Click the Create button

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