FAQ - How do I log a Support Call

We are here to help. The best way to get help on any issue is use the RedRabbit knowledge base to log a Support Call. You can access the knowledge base by clicking on the RedRabbit Help beacon shown at the bottom left of the screen (see example below).

If you click on the Help beacon, a Help popup will be displayed as shown below. 

From the above screen you can...

  • What can we help you with? - use this search field to search on any topic you require assistance with. The system will search the knowledge base and show you articles that might be related to your issue. Then just click on any article to open and view the article.
  • Get in touch - send a personalised message directly to our support team by completing the form as shown below. Then just click Send a Message once you have completed the fields. Remember to:
    • say what the issue is about in the subject line
    • explain the issue as clearly as possible with reference to what you are trying to achieve and what is not going according to what you expect
    • click on the 3 dots drop down menu to attach files or screenshots where applicable

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