The Contact List

Contacts in RedRabbit are used for communication purposes and can be of type Landlord, Tenant or Other. When there is more than one Contact of a certain type, you need to identify the Primary Contact from the list. For example, you can have multiple Contacts of type Tenant for a Property, but one of these Contacts will be the primary contact and will be used as the recipient contact for the sending of Emails and SMS Messages.

You can navigate to the full Contact List as follows:

  1. Select Portfolio Data from the main menu
  2. Select Contacts from the sub-menu to display the list as shown below

From the Contacts List you can:

  • Search - use the search fields to search on the name, email and/or mobile
  • New Contact - click to create a New Contact
  • View - click to open the Contact Form to change Contact related information or to Delete the contact.
  • Options - select advanced options from the drop down menu
    • View Archived - select this option to display a list of archived contacts
    • Export Data - select this option to export the Contact List

How to Create a New Contact

  1. Click the New Contact button on the Contact List as shown above to open the Contact form.
  2. On the Contact Form complete the Basic Contact Information as shown below.
  3. If the Contact represents a juristic entity such a company or trust, tick the Represent Juristic Entity tick box which will open the extended form to capture the Juristic Entity information.
  4. Complete the extended Juristic Entity section of the form.
  5. Click the Create button.

Contact Form - Basic Contact Information Section example

Contact Form - Extended Juristic Entity Section example

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