FAQ - How do I link my mailbox to my profile

You can select a Default Mailbox to be used by the system when sending Emails from within RedRabbit. Steps to link a Mailbox to a User Profile: 

  1. Click the User Profile Icon on the main menu and then select My Profile to display your User Profile page as shown below.

2. Go to Portfolio & Permissions and enable the permission to the mailbox you would like to set as your Default Mailbox. 

If you would like to create a new mailbox first, go to Mailboxes and create a New Mailbox. Ps. remember to go back to Portfolio & Permission and enable permission.

3.  Go to Profile and Click in the field and then select the Default Mailbox to use from the down list of available mailboxes as shown below.

Also view: How to set-up a mailbox

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