FAQ: How do I select or change a service provider

The steps to select or change a Service Provider for a Ticket are as follows:

To Select a Service Provider

There are two options; 

Step 1 - Select New Ticket from the tickets dashboard. 

Step 2 - Fill out the ticket details and select the Service Provider immediately from the ticket creation window. 

If you have not selected a service provider in the first step, you can do it by following the below steps. 

Step 1 - Select Tickets from the Main menu.

Step 2 - use the Search field on the Ticket List to search for the Ticket in question.

Step 3 - Click on View to open the ticket dashboard of the ticket you would like to select a service provider on.

Step 4 - Select the Service Provider panel as shown above.

Step 5 - Click on Select Service Provider to assign the chosen provider to this ticket.

To Change a Service Provider

Step 1 - Navigate to the Service Provider Panel on the Ticket Dashboard as shown below. 

Step 2 - Click on Change

Step 3 - Select the Service Provider from the drop-down on the Select Service Provider field.

Step 4 - Click Assign.

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