Ticket Dashboard 2022

The Tickets Dashboard contains all the information related to a specific Ticket. You can navigate to the Ticket Dashboard as follows:

  1. Select MaintenanceTickets from the main menu to display the list of Tickets
  2. Use the filter fields to search for and find the Tickets in question
  3. Click the View button to open the Tickets Dashboard as shown below.

From the dashboard, you can access:

  • Ticket Details Panel - general information about the ticket
  • Service Providers Panel - here the service provider gets tasked to the ticket and his credentials will be visible (can be changed at any time)
  • Tickets Contacts Panel - contact information related to the ticket
  • Tickets Documents Panel - job cards created to action ticket issues & uploaded or email documents will be stored here (like invoices)
  • Your ticket story - this tells the story of every activity logged on this ticket
  • Close ticket - once every action related to this ticket has been completed, the ticket must be closed and the landlord/tenant notified 
  • New Email - send an email update on the progress of this ticket 
  • New SMS - send an SMS update on the progress of this ticket 
  • Send JobCard - compile pdf jobcard and draft email in one step
  • Options - advanced options available from a drop-down menu
    • New Quote / Invoice
    • Archive
    • Delete
  • Resolved / Unresolved - here you mark the ticket as Resolved, the stage that comes before Closing the ticket. Resolved indicates that the larger part of this ticket has been completed, for instance, the service provider has finished the job, but you are still waiting for the landlord/tenant to approve the invoice.
  • Task Service Providers - request quotes from multiple Service Providers. Once the best quote is selected assign them to this job and then Send JobCard to them
  • New Note / Activity - entry in your ticket story that does not have a paper trail and can be used to inform all parties during the ticket process 

Ticket Details Panel

The first panel is the information panel where all the general details of the ticket are saved. This will be the same information details that were entered when creating a New Ticket.

  • Priority - this is the level of importance (low, med, or high)
  • Next reminder - the date that the system will send a reminder regarding this ticket 
  • Ticket Phase - set the ticketing phase to the appropriate stage of where the ticket is in the process
  • Assigned to - who is responsible to manage this ticket
  • Reported by - who notified you of the issue
  • Report method - how was the notification of the issue provided
  • Description - any additional information that is vital to this ticket
  • Save - click here after any changes have been made 

The Service Provider Panel

This panel shows the details associated with the Service Provider that will be used to attend to the job.

From the Service Provider Panel you can:

  • Select Service Provider - click on the blue text to task a Service Provider for the ticket. Once the Service Provider has been selected, his details will be displayed. including his Contact details and Service Provider Type. This will be included in JobCard. 
  • Change - To change the selected Service Provider and assign someone else to this job select Change
  • Contracted Value - specify the amount quoted and approved for the job 
  • Payment Responsibility - who is responsible to pay for the Job 
  • Insurer, Claim number, and Insurance Notes - this can be filled out when there is a claim involved

The Contacts Panel

This panel shows the contacts for a specific ticket including the Landlords, Tenants, and Service Provider.

From the Contacts Panel, you can:

  • Add Contacts (Landlords, Tenants, and Service Providers)
  • Mark Contacts as Primary Contacts indicated with the black circle next to the name
  • Send Email / SMS to a Contact
  • Remove a Contact from the Ticket

The Documents Repository Panel 

This panel shows all the documents that have been uploaded manually, job cards, or quote requests that have been created using the Request Quote feature or the Create Jobcard feature on the ticket.

The documents that are attached to an email received by the system, as a reply to an email sent from a ticket will also be automatically saved under the Documents panel. For instance, when a service provider responds to your email with a quote or invoice attached. Any email sent from a ticket will be linked by a specific reference number and will form part of that ticket's, ticket story.   

From the Documents Repository panel, you can:

  • Click to upload a document - use this feature to upload any document from your PC
  • Edit - click to Edit the Document Details
  • Share - click to Send a Document to a Contact via Email
  • Delete - click to delete a document

Your Ticket Story Panel

This panel displays the list of actions that were taken in chronological order from start to date to manage the Maintenance Ticket. The latest action will always be shown at the top of the list.

From the Ticket Story panel, you can:

  • Add issue - if another issue has been reported on the same property it can be added to the current ticket
  • Add a photo - click on the camera icon to add photos from a desktop folder, that relates to that specific issue. Note that these photos will appear on the Job Card created.
  • Log new Note / Activity - every action/activity taking place should be logged
  • Assign action per issue - on the drop-down list next to the ticket description, an action can be assigned that will be the best course to take (no action, quote, proceed as quoted, observe & comment, attend on call out)
  • Task Service Providers - view which Service Providers have been tasked for a quote or task another
  • Search between activities logged - on the drop-down menu select an option for the system to search 
  • View email - click on the bubble icon to View the Email associated with an Email action.
  • Notify Contacts - click on the bubble icon of the activity logged to Send an Email / SMS to a Contact to notify them of any specific action taken.
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