FAQ - What is a primary Contact

Primary contact is basically the main contact for the asset, asset group, ticket or inspection. For example, when there is more than one tenant for an asset, the agency will most likely only communicate with one of the tenants and this tenant will then be the primary contact.

The Landlord and Tenant contacts loaded on the asset will be available to add under the contacts panel. As for the Service provider contact, the primary will be the latest service provider allocated to the Job Card on this particular ticket.

Primary Contacts always have a primary contact indicator appended (white tick mark on the black circle)

Whenever you use the Send Email feature from the Contacts panel of a ticket or inspection, the primary contact will be highlighted in BLUE as shown in the example below.

How to mark a Contact as the Primary Contact

  • Click on the dots to display the drop-down menu as shown above
  • Select the Make Primary option from the drop-down menu
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