FAQ - How to open a ticket directly from an inspection

This article explains how to open a new maintenance ticket or add issues to an existing ticket from the Inspection Dashboard. 

Step 1 - Open the Inspection Dashboard of the Inspection (property) that needs maintenance done  

Step 2 - Click the Spanner and Hammer icon, next to search, to indicate all the recommendations made on the inspection 

Step 3 - Click New Ticket and select the items you want to include in the maintenance ticket. To do this:

- Use the grey tick boxes next to each item to select the checklist items to include in the maintenance ticket.

Step 4 - Click on New Ticket, then select either Create to create a new ticket or Add to Existing Ticket to add the selected items to an existing ticket (for the second option, select  dropdown list next to create).

Step 5 - Complete the basic Ticket fields and click Create 

  • Priority - set the priority of this ticket to either low, med, or high
  • Assign to - assign the user to this ticket that will be responsible for the progress and outcome
  • Description - this section will automatically be completed with "Ticket opened with items taken from Entry Inspection on 2018-11-28 15:00:00". 

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