Inspection Status Icons - The Inspection Life Cycle

Inspection Status is used to manage the workflow associated with an Inspection. The Filter Buttons allow the administrator to view subsets of the list of inspections based on their status. 

Inspection Dashboard View:

Select the Status that you want to view - if highlighted in blue, only those inspections will be visible.

The scheduled and uploaded status is automated by the system, the completed status has to be set by you because the review time period is different for each inspection.

Home Dashboard View:

Status = Scheduled > Uploaded (Inspections to Review) > Completed.

Scheduled - These are inspections that have been created as a new inspection from the Web App but have not been done and uploaded from the mobile App. When you create a new inspection on the portal, its status will be scheduled. When the sync feature is used on the mobile device of an inspector, all scheduled inspections for the inspector that were not downloaded previously will be downloaded from the portal to the device. Inspection scheduled directly on the App will not appear on the Web App, only once it has been uploaded. 

Uploaded (Inspections to Review) - these inspections were done and uploaded from the App. When the upload feature is used on the App of an inspector, all inspection results of inspections that were completed and signed on the mobile device will be uploaded to the portal including photos taken during the inspection. Once the inspection has been uploaded the status will automatically be changed to Uploaded.

Again, this status indicates that the inspection has been done on the App and Uploaded. At this point, very important is that it is now required to review the inspection/s and action a few tasks before changing it to the Completed status. 

The '' Review" actions include; 

  1. Review the inspection by quickly looking through it for potential spelling mistakes on the comments typed, that there is a general comment made if needed and that all maintenance recommendations have been made.
  2. The inspection has been signed and the distribution of Inspection Reports. Generate and send a copy of the report to the tenant and landlord. If you did not get a signature from the tenant on the App, then you will send the online inspection report to the tenant. If you require the landlord's signature as well, send the link. The fingerprint icon will be green & you can click on it to view the signature recorded. If you already got the signature recorded on the App, you can just send the Pdf report. The online report is practically the same as the Pdf report, the difference is the photo quality is much better and it is easier to view and sign the document as it is online and a better platform that can be accessed with any device.
  3. the creation of Maintenance Tickets to action any Inspection Defects indicated by the Recommendation icon. Now you will ensure that all maintenance that has been pointed out during the inspection is actioned, with the use of the recommendation icon (spanner&hammer) you will open the tickets directly from the inspection and those tickets will be dealt with from the tickets dashboard.

Completed - view the inspection and click to manually change the status of an inspection to Completed. This will typically be done by the administrator or agent when all activities related to the inspection have been completed such as the 3 steps mentioned above.

When all that has been handled, you can mark the inspection as Completed to ensure that you only focus on the scheduled and uploaded inspections that still require actions. To view the Completed inspections, simply select the Tab at the top left of the Inspections dashboard, as the above screenshot indicates. 

Just a quick recap;

Review = check all details are correct & recorded > get all needed signatures > distribute reports > open ticket/s > mark as Completed. 

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