The Property List

Maintenance Tickets and Inspections in RedRabbit are associated with Properties. All the Properties in the system are displayed in a Property List for easy reference.

You can access the Property List as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Portfolio Data menu option on the main menu
  2. Select Properties from the sub-menu to display the Property List as shown below

From the Property List shown above you can:

  • Search - enter text in the search field and click on the search button to find a specific Property.
  • All Portfolios - select a specific Portfolio from the Portfolios drop-down menu to view only Properties from a specific Portfolio.
  • New Property - click to load a new property onto the system
  • View - click to open the Property Dashboard for a specific Property
  • Options - use this drop-down menu option to access the following advanced features
    • View Archived - view a list of archived Properties
    • Export Properties - export the list of properties to a CSV file

You can do a bulk update on properties as follows:

  1. Select the properties you would like to link to a specific Portfolio or Complex, by selecting them on the left of the property name, in the little grey box, as shown below.
  2. On the right, the Bulk Update option will appear, select Portfolio or Complex.
  3. Select the Portfolio or Complex you want to link the properties too, click OK.

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