The Property List

Maintenance Tickets and Inspections in RedRabbit are associated with Properties. All the Properties in the system are displayed in a Property List for easy reference.

You can access the Property List as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Portfolio Data menu option on the main menu
  2. Select Properties from the sub-menu to display the Property List as shown below

From the Property List shown above you can:

  • Search - enter text in the search field and click on the search button to find a specific Property.
  • All Portfolios - select a specific Portfolio from the Portfolios drop down menu to view only Properties from a specific Portfolio.
  • New Property - click to load a new property onto the system
  • View - click to open the Property Dashboard for a specific Property
  • Options - use this drop down menu option to access the following advanced features
    • View Archived - view a list of archived Properties
    • Export Properties - export the list of properties to a CSV file

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