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The integrated RedRabbit Inbox is used for all Maintenance and Inspections related communication between system users and contacts loaded on the system. RedRabbit also supports multiple Mailboxes and you can view Emails for a specific Mailbox or for All Mailboxes. With the RedRabbit Inbox you can:

  • Manage all Incoming and Outgoing Email from within RedRabbit
  • Use Saved Replies to customize the autocomplete fields as well as the look and feel of Email Templates
  • Easily map Emails to Maintenance Tickets and Inspections in the system
  • Reply directly from your Outlook Inbox with a copy automatically included in the RedRabbit Email thread

In this article you will find:

  • An overview of the Inbox Dashboard
  • An overview of the Email Details Form Features
  • An overview of Saved Replies

Inbox Dashboard Overview

Click on the Inbox Main Menu option to display the RedRabbit Inbox Dashboard as shown below.

The RedRabbit Inbox Dashboard consist of the following features:

  • New Email - Click on this button to compile a new Custom Email to a contact
  • Inbox Folder - List of Emails Received 
    • Note the number in blue indicating the number of unread Emails in the Inbox folder
    • Unread Emails are shown in bold in the list
  • Done Folder - List of Emails marked as Done by the user (The purpose of the Done folder is so that you can clean out your Inbox by moving the emails that you have completed all necessary action on, to that folder. The emails that then remain in the Inbox, you can be certain that only those needs to be followed upon. Emails moved to the Done folder will move back to the Inbox if the recipient replies.) 
  • Drafts Folder - List of Draft Emails that have been compiled, but not sent yet
  • Sent Folder - List of all emails sent from the system
  • Deleted Folder - List of Deleted Emails
  • Saved Replies - List of templates to be used when compiling Emails to Contacts
  • Mail Boxes - Drop-down menu filters to select to view Emails for a specific Mailbox.
  • Search - Enter text and then search for an Email containing that text by clicking on the search button

On the Email List panel you can:

  • Done - click on the Done button to mark and Email as done and move it to the Done folder
    • select multiple emails using the grey tick box in the list view and then select the Done option that appears
  • View - click on the View button to open the Email Details form

Email Details form Overview

When you click on the View button on any Email, the Email details form will be displayed as shown below:

On the Email form, you will find:

  • The Email thread consisting of all Emails sent as part of this communication between the parties
  • Show Original - Click on this feature to view the original Email
  • Reply - Click on this button to compile a Reply to this Email
  • Move to Done - Click on this button to move this Email to the Done folder
  • View Ticket - Click on this button to navigate to the related Maintenance Ticket
  • Tools drop-down - Click on this button to access some of the advanced Email features
    • Forward - select this option to forward the Email to a contact
    • Print - select this option to print the Email thread
    • Link / Unlink - select this option to either link the Email to a selected Maintenance Ticket or to un-link the Email from the currently linked Maintenance Ticket. 
    • Delete - select this option to mark the Email as Delete and move the Email to the Deleted Emails folder. Note - Emails in the Deleted folder can be restored to the inbox if that is required.

Saved Replies Overview

RedRabbit supports the concept of Saved Replies that allows you to set up a template Email to be used on a selection bases when sending Email from within RedRabbit. When you click on the Saved Replies folder, the list of default Saved Replies are displayed as shown below:

You can customize any of the Default Templates in the list and also create your own saved replies by clicking on the New Saved Reply button as the top of the list. The New Saved Reply form will be displayed that you can use to define the Email template. In the example below, a new Saved Reply to be used when sending a New Job card to a Service Provider has been compiled as follows:

  1. Category Field - Select Maintenance as the category from the Category drop-down list
  2. Type Field - Select Email from the Type drop-down list
  3. Reply Name Field - Provide a name for the Saved Reply "Send Job card"
  4. Subject Field - Enter a subject to be used "New Job"
  5. Visible to Team - Enable / Disable the team visibility flag
  6. Body Text - Compile the Email body text and use the Select Tag drop-down list to insert custom tags in the body text where required. When the Saved Reply is used, the system will replace the tag with the relevant information from the context. In the example below, the contact name tag will typically be replaced with the name of the Service Provider Contact Name. How to compile and Send a New Email using a Saved Reply

On the Inbox Dashboard, click on the New Email button to open the New Email form as shown below:

The steps to follow are as follows:

  1. To field - click on the two fields to show and select a Contact from the list. If you know the contact name, you can just start typing in the field to pre-filter the list.
  2. CC / BCC fields - click on the cc or bcc buttons to open these fields and to select contacts for these fields if and when applicable.
  3. Subject field - enter a subject line for the Email.
  4. Saved Reply - select a Saved Reply from the drop-down list of available saved replies. The system will then copy the saved reply body text to the Email body text and replace the saved reply tags with actual information from the context. For example, the contact name tag will be replaced with the actual contact selected.
  5. Body Text - customize the email body text where required.
  6. Send - click on the Send button to send the Email to the contact.

Important Notes

In addition to the Send action you can also:

  • Discard - use this button to discard the draft Email. All information will be deleted.
  • Save - use this button to save the Email under the Drafts folder for future further action.
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