FAQ: How to Create a Maintenance Ticket

The steps to create a new maintenance ticket and task a Service Provider are as follows:

Step 1 - Select Tickets from the main menu

Step 2 - Click on the New Ticket button 

Step 3 - Complete the fields on the New Ticket form as shown below and then click Next

  • Property - click in the text box and start typing the first letters of the property name. When it appears, select that property
  • Tenant - select the current tenant for this property
  • Priority - set the priority for this ticket to either High, Medium or Low. 
  • Assign to - the ticket has to be assigned to a specific user, who will be responsible to manage this ticket
  • Reporter - select the person who reported the issue by using the drop down option list
  • Report method - select the communication method that was used by the reporter 
  • Description - what was reported, including any relevant important information. It can be as short or as long as necessary. 

Step 4 - Select the person/s to be notified from the options below and click Create Ticket. The ticket will be created and displayed in the Ticket List.

Step 5 - Click on the View button of the Ticket record to open the Ticket Dashboard.

Step 6 - Click Create Issue to create a new issue for the reported incident.

Step 7 - Complete the Issue fields on the form and click Create. Note that you can just start typing and the system will display a drop down list of suggested options that you can select from.

Step 8 - Click Select Service Provider on the Service Provider panel on the left to select a Service Provider

Step 9 - From the Job Card drop down menu, select Create

Step 10 - Set the default Communication flags by selecting the required options on the Compile Job Card form below. Then click Generate to compile the Job Card.

Step 11 - The Job Card will be displayed (see example below) and stored under the documents panel of the Ticket. Confirm that the information is correct. If you want to make changes, you can just edit the information and generate the Job Card again.

Step 12 - On the Documents Panel, click Share on the Job Card document as shown below to compile an Email to send to the Service Provider.

Step 13 - Complete the Email fields and click Send


  • Select the Service Provider to complete the To field.
  • If you have a saved reply for sending job cards to service providers, you can just select the saved reply from the drop down list and the body text will be pre-compiled using the template body text from the saved reply. Alternatively you can just type the Email yourself.
  • The Job Card will be automatically attached to the Email.

Step 14 - Review the Actions Taken to manage the incident as recorded on the Ticket Story panel as shown below.

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