The Ticket List

The ticket list displays a list view of all maintenance tickets created on the system. Select Tickets from the main menu to open the list of Maintenance Tickets as shown below:

From the Ticket List shown above you can:

  • Open / Closed - use these filter buttons to selectively open and/or closed tickets from the list
  • All Users - this drop-down list enables you to select a specific user and only view the list of tickets that the user has been assigned to
  • Search - use the search field to find tickets where the description contains a specific text snippet 
  • New Ticket - click on this button to create a new maintenance ticket
  • Options - use this drop down menu to:
    • View all archived tickets
    • Export tickets to a CSV file
    • Settings - to customize ticket settings 
      • Ticket Settings - reminder priorities, job card settings, and defaults, ticket opened notifications and the ticket closed notifications
      • Ticket Phases - customize your ticket Phases
      • Notifications - all pre-populated email templates set up as notification that will be sent to the contact on the system
  • View - click on this button on any ticket in the list to open the Ticket Dashboard for that specific ticket.

  • Advanced Filters - filter through the tickets 
    • Select Logged At Date - this enables you to select the required dates that you want to filter
    • Phase(s) - this enables you to filter your tickets list according to their Phases.
    • Resolved / Unresolved - use the tick boxes to include tickets in the list that has been marked as resolved and/or unresolvedSelect 

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